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Established in 1990, DataTrec has delivered more servers and racks, faster and safer than any of our competitors.

Expertly Managing

Data Center Relocation Logistics

Focusing exclusively on data center relocations and the logistics of moving high value servers, DataTrec offers the original equipment manufacturer or the CIO of a firm wishing to move to an offsite data-center, the team of professionals to get the job done fast and safely.

DataTrec has the technical and logistical capabilities to relocate your data center and IT assets of all sizes, from a single rack relocation to a data center with a footprint of hundreds of racks and assets. DataTrec has experience in relocations to and from co-location facilities or customer-owned sites.

Our people have helped de-install, relocate, and re-install many varieties of IT enterprise hardware found in data centers today. We can quickly and safely support your move with any requirement necessary.

Helping Alleviate

Data Center Relocation Anxiety

Because we deliver within a predetermined time-frame, and we map the location of every server within our crates; the servers and racks deliver on-time and the re-installation process can be performed 40% faster. While others are waiting for a carrier to provide available equipment and their speed is determined by whether or not enough people are moving furniture that week, we are already delivering your IT assets and supporting the technicians as they rebuild your data racks.


High-Speed Transportation

Whether you are relocating a data center with thousands or millions of dollars worth of data center hardware, you want it delivered as quickly as possible! You don’t want your hardware sitting in a warehouse, you want it at origin, in transit, or at destination, and you want the number of days in transit to be the shortest amount possible. DataTrec is the leader in high-speed transportation and delivery of data center hardware, offering from same day to 5 day delivery options. At DataTrec, we say, “Time is non-renewable, Don’t Waste IT”!

Secure Packaging Solutions

The safe and secure transport of your data center hardware is one of the most critical components of a data center relocation event. DataTrec offers proprietary packaging solutions to ensure the safe transport and ability to secure network devices during the relocation of your data center hardware. Our customers have grown so reliant on these proprietary solutions, they ask for them by name.

Secure Transportation

Data security is a top concern for companies today. Millions of dollars are spent every year to ensure data is protected from breach, and then those same companies casually transport memory capable devices containing sensitive information with little regard for data security, putting themselves, their customers, and their employees at risk.

Because of our vast experience in the healthcare industry, DataTrec will meet the most stringent security policies for transporting memory capable devices or data tapes containing sensitive information.

DataTrec will execute a Business Authorization Agreement and help craft a security policy for transporting devices containing Protected Health Information (PHI) that is compliant with HIPAA regulations for companies in the healthcare industry. Similar programs are put in place for transporting devices containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Sensitive Security Information (SSI) which puts your company’s customers and employees at risk for identity theft.

Chain of Custody Documentation & Location Mapping

Because of the high-value of data center hardware, it is advisable to have a detailed accounting of each piece as it is transported from origin to destination. Additionally, to reduce handling at destination and increase efficiency during the re-installation process, mapping the exact location of each piece reduces cycle time and minimizes damage. DataTrec offers comprehensive chain of custody documentation, as well as detailed location mapping for each piece. Our proprietary packaging solutions help ease the process of scanning each device and mapping it to an exact location.

Full Replacement Value Insurance

The value of data center hardware ranges from thousands of dollars on the low end – to millions of dollars, depending on the number of devices being relocated. Standard cargo insurance will not allow for the reimbursement of used electronic hardware, which means you may not be covered for the damage of your data center hardware in transit. Because of our expertise and focus in this market, DataTrec is able to offer full replacement value insurance of your used data center hardware while in transit. This ensures you are covered in the unlikely event of damage while DataTrec is in the process of relocating your data center hardware.

Data Center Relocation Project Management

Data center migration requires strategic analysis, planning, and flawless execution. Many different tasks must be performed and often it requires several vendors to work in concert in order to achieve success. At DataTrec, we offer dedicated Project Management from planning through the successful delivery and itemized accounting of each piece of hardware. Our friendly, knowledgeable Project Managers assist our customers in planning, consult on best practices when appropriate, and help ensure consistent and timely communication.


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